God does not show us the whole plan

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God's plan

God does not show us the whole plan of our life at a burst, but unfolds it to us bit by bit. Each day He gives us the opportunity of weaving a curtain, carving a peg, fashioning the metal. We know not what we do, but at the end of our life the disjointed pieces will suddenly come together, and we shall see the symmetry and beauty of the divine thought. Then we shall be satisfied. In the meantime let us believe that God’s love and wisdom are doing the very best for us.

In the morning ask God to show you His plan for the day in the unfolding of its events, and to give you grace to do or bear all that He may have prepared. In the midst of the day’s engagements, often look up and say, “Father, is this in the plan?”

At night, be still, and match your actual with God’s ideal, confessing your sins and shortcomings, and asking that His will may be more perfectly done with you, even as in heaven.

F. B. Meyer

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