Bangkok Immanuel Church Spurred to Disciple Effectively through Leadership Seminar

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Bangkok, Thailand- Seeking to be equipped effectively for breakthrough during the Lent season, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church participated in a leadership seminar that was held recently.

During the seminar, the principles of ‘ 360 Degrees Leader’ that were coined by Dr John C. Maxwell were discussed in depth by the guest speaker. The participants were guided in the principles to lead their superiors, followers and peers respectively.

Reflecting upon the seminar, the minister shared, “ Two questions kept ringing in my heart, ‘ Will anyone go to heaven because of me?’ and ‘ How can I love others more?’. I hope that we can ACT on it, to apply, change and teach others to know the Bible well.”

Encouraged by the seminar, it is with hope that the members will rise up as spiritual leaders to comfort many wandering souls with the Gospel of Christ.

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