Bangkok Immanuel Church Starts Project Hope For Kids

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As the kids like the small seeds that will grow to be the big trees in the future, church ministers hope “Project hope for kids” will bring hope to kids’ lives.

Bangkok Immanuel Church starts Project Hope for Kids every Saturday at 3 pm.- 4 pm.  The first class start on 24th June, they study about decoupage.  They do the key chain and cup tray together.

The parents respond positively with a smile that helps their kids to have creative thinking, spend time well and grow in a good environment. They will help to promote for more kids to come.

The volunteer teacher said “As in the past I also had this opportunity to study like this.  As I grow up, I have the  good impression of Christian and one day God called me to know Him.”

May the Lord bless on this project to be the channel of blessings.

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