Bangkok Immanuel Church Encourages Church Members to give Glory to God

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On June 25th, Minister of Bangkok Immanuel Church delivered the message from 1 Corinthians 2:1-10  encourages the congregation to live following His word and glorify Him.

Minister shared “Paul resolved to know nothing except Jesus Christ and his crucified. A man has the three big problems in love, sin, and death. All these problems resolve by Jesus Christ. The cross reveals God’s love. Man in His love can be fulfilled. The cross redeems human’s sins.  We can release from sins.  Jesus resurrected and overcame the death. We believe in Him and will resurrect together with Him.”

He continued “In God’s mystery, He predestines us to glorify.  By believing in Him and following His word we can become perfect and glorify Him and become His real children.”

May the Lord bless the listeners to meditate on the word and live glorify Him.

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