Bangkok Immanuel Church Overflowing with God’s Words

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As church members have hearts to understand God’s word and live according to His will, therefore church ministers have organized group Bible study twice a week.

Recently, minister shared the message taken from 2 Corinthian 10:1-6 “We should have the humble heart like the lamb and also have the brave heart like the lion to overcome Satan and save the souls. We can’t rely on ourselves but rely on God to fight the spiritual battle. God is with us is our power”

Minister continued, “We have to overcome our old self and Satan. Do not follow our own desire to live, but become the obedient ones to the Lord.”

One of the members reflected “through Bible study each week, I can know deeper in the truth and apply the truth into my life.”

May church members grow in the knowledge of Christ and live following God’s will.

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