Bangkok Immanuel Church Members Learn to Pray Like Jesus


Minister of Bangkok Immanuel Church delivered the message taken from Luke 11:1-13, titled “Learn to pray like Jesus.”

Minister shared that Jesus taught us to come to God like the child comes to their beloved parent. We have the Father in heaven who we can pray to. Jesus tells us to pray for His kingdom come, our daily needs, forgiveness of our sin and our future trails.

Minister continued that Jesus tells parables about the man who keeps on knocking with persistent and the parents give good gifts to their children, how much more will Heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him.

One member reflected “Thank God for the difficulties in my life so I can come to Him even more. Hope the hardship will help me to grow in faith.

After that, they have time to pray for the church and pray for one another.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Encourages Members Rejoice in the Lord


Bangkok Immanuel Church minister delivered the message taken from Habakkuk 3:17-19, titled “The Hymn of Faith”. Members encouraged the true meaning of faith.

Minister shared that Habakkuk started with doubt and question to God but at last he had the assurance that the righteous one will live by faith. From the Habakkuk, we come to understand the reality of real faith. Rejoice is the attitude of life of faith. He didn’t rejoice in circumstances but rejoice in the Lord.

Minister continued shared that he had the intimate relationship with God. Even though face any difficulties; he believed God is in control. God is his Savior and his strength. May the Lord be the joy and strength of the hearts.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Plans Scripture-inspired Theme for Weekly Activities

project Hope

Bangkok Immanuel Church members hope to establish the basics for faith in Christ in kids who have come to participate outreach class on Saturday.

Recently they had the meeting together and discussed plans for the next phase of Project Hope for Kids. They will have a scripture-inspired theme for weekly activities for building the foundation of faith.

May the seed of Gospel plant deeply in the heart of the kids and may God help members to proclaim the word of God not only for kids but in every soul.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Encourages Members to Give Their Alabaster Jar to Jesus



Bangkok Immanuel Church minister delivered the message taken from Mark 14:3-9 on Sunday Service.Minister shared the story of a woman who broke the Alabaster jar and poured the expensive perfume on Jesus’ head.

This woman had the act of great love, she gave her best to Jesus. While she gave her the most valuable thing to Him, in the eyes of disciples counted as waste. Many people choose to give their best to Jesus and others view as waste and loss.

However, it is valuable in Jesus’ eyes.ย Minister lets the members ponder what is their Alabaster jar in their lives and lay it down to Jesus.ย

Bangkok Immanuel Church Encourages Members to Have Faith in the Power of Jesus


Minister of Bangkok Immanuel Church  delivered the message taken from Mark 5:21-43, titled “Have Faith in the power of Jesus” on Wednesday Service.

Minister shared the story of two people who came to Jesus. The synagogue leader “Jairus” who came to Jesus when life is in crisis. He believed in the power of Jesus to raise her daughter from the dead, despite the large crowd laughed at him. Jesus told him “Don’t be afraid, just believe”

Minister continued to share about one woman who had been subjecting of bleeding for twelve years interrupted Jesus while He will go to heal Jairus’ daughter. She came to Jesus with earnest heart and brave heart even though she had the shameful disease. May the members have faith in Jesus in all seasons of life.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Held Graceful Seminar

identity crisis01

Bangkok Immanuel Church held the seminar titled “œIdentity Crisis.” They started with icebreaking and meaningful song.

The guest speaker, teacher Wongpat Maneenoi from Bangkok Bible Seminary shared, “We cannot understand our identity till we come to know the one who designs our lives who is God. God determines identity in us as God created us in His own image.”

He continued, œ “However, there are three things make identity crisis: firstly Satan, try to let us cannot see our true value or distort our thinking. Secondly, the system of the world values let us value ourselves with the world standard. Thirdly, yourself, we tend to listen to the voice of Satan and listen to voice of the world.  We have weaknesses in life but there is one who can change our life. Our value is our identity in Christ.”

Subsequently, they have the question and answer session. The participants know more clearly their true identity.

Project Hope for Kids Sow Seed of Gospel Through Activity



For about two months of running the Project Hope for Kids, the relationship between the kids and church members are built from time to time. They begin to sow the seed of Gospel through activity.

On the first week of September, they let the kids watch the video clip of “God created the world”.  After that had the question and answer activity from the video clip. The kids can give the answer correctly and respond well. They come to know there is creator God who created the world.

Subsequently, they color the pictures of creation and post them on the board together. Members believe through sow the small seed of Gospel in kids’ heart by little and little, the seed of Gospel will grow in their hearts.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Members Cultivate the Habit of Memorization


The Members of Bangkong Immanuel Church have the heart to cultivate the words of God in their lives, they get the idea to memorize the word together.

God’s word helps to shape our minds and cleanse our spirits.  Through memorizing God’s word allow us to access divinely inspired thought and wisdom.  When they memorize the word of God, they also can meditate the word throughout the day.

May the living word of God overflow and plant deeply in church members’ heart.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Trains Church Members to Share Gospel


To prepare the members to reach lost souls to God, minister of Bangkok Immanuel Church train them how to share Gospel with people. Minister starts from demonstrating of tearing paper and in the meantime to share the Gospel with the meaningful story to children.

In addition, minister guides them to approach people by asking a question about life and also teaches them how to share Gospel from the “Step to Peace” booklet. They learn to share Gospel step by step.

Minister encourages them to sow the seeds in all seasons with hope and God is the ones who let the seeds grow.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Encourages Members to Have Absolute Faith and Obedience


Minister of Bangkok Immanuel church delivered the message titled ” Absolute faith and Obedience” Encourages the congregation to imitate the example of the ancestor of faith.

Minister shared about the life of Abraham who had absolute faith and obedience towards God. He left his own country, people and household to live like the stranger in the tent in a foreign country. Moreover, when God tested him, he offered Isaac as a sacrifice.  He truly believed that God could even raise the dead, and so in a manner of speaking, he did receive Isaac back from death.

In addition, the minister continued shared about Job who faced all the troubles that had come upon him.  He responded with falling to the ground in worship.  He did not sin by charging God with wrongdoing.  He feared God and believed in His goodness and plan for his life.

May church members be the ones who imitate the life of an ancestor of faith.