Bangkok Immanuel Church Welcomes Easter with Graceful Retreat & Group Evangelism



Bangkok, Thailand – In anticipation to welcome many to reflect upon the meaning of the cross and resurrection of Christ during the season of Easter, Bangkok Immanuel Church held a pre-Easter retreat over the recent weekend.

With the theme ‘ Lose but WIN’, the first day of retreat witnessed the participation of members in listening to Bible studies centering on the cross and resurrection of Christ. Apart from that, they also took part in dynamic games regarding the true meaning of Easter.

After offering Sunday Service the next day, they prepared Easter eggs with Gospel leaflets which were subsequently distributed to the neighborhood of the church to share with them the message of Easter.

Sister May shared, “If we do not have Easter, Christmas is meaningless. It is because Jesus died on the Cross that we could receive redemption from our sins. His resurrection confirms that Jesus is truly the Son of God.”

It is with hope that the message of the cross and resurrection of Christ will be embedded deeply in the heart of members as they look ahead to greet Easter this coming week.

Bangkok Immanuel Unites in Prayer for Breakthrough in Mission

Prayer fervently

Bangkok, Thailand- Towards hastening the breakthrough in mission during this season of Lent, the Holy Spirit moves and places the burden among the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church to unite in prayer for the church’s development.

Gathering recently for prayer, the meeting began with a time of praise before everyone confessing their sins before God. Subsequently, they prayed for various topics such as the goals for Easter, preparation for Easter Retreat, legal registration of Olivet Assembly of Thailand, evangelism of new believers and individual members’ needs.

Following the prayer meeting, Sister Aew, one of the cell leaders, shared her testimony as she encouraged the members to evangelize at every opportunity. “ Recently, I was led to evangelize everyone that I met, be it is my workplace or even when I go to the market to buy things. I will give them the word of blessing from God and also share with them some Gospel leaflets. Let us evangelize at all times,” She shared.

It is with hope that as the members unite in prayer and evangelism, the Lent season will be a time where the church will encounter greater growth in quantity and quality.

‘ Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.”

Bangkok Immanuel Church Unites to Develop Activities for Children Ministry

children 1

children 2

Bangkok< Thailand – With hearts to raise the children who recently accepted Christ in faith, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church gathered together to develop activities and curriculum for them and many children who will join in the future.

Towards equipping the children to grow in Biblical way, the children were recently guided to learn Christian songs with postures, drawing and painting regarding the theme of creation, Bible story telling and icebreaking games.

It is with hope that as more activities and curriculum are being developed in the coming days, the children ministry will serve as a platform to raise not only these newly believed children in faith, but also open the door to reach out to many children who have yet to know Christ and His love for them.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Comforts Suffering Souls, Guided One to Accept Christ.


Bangkok, Thailand – As the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church evangelize diligently and prayerfully during the 40 days of Lent, they were led to meet more suffering souls with one of them even accepted Christ recently.

While evangelizing at a public park recently, Sister Fah, who was suffering from illnesses that caused her to miss studies for the past one year, was led to hear the Gospel. Encouraged by the message she heard, she subsequently expressed her decision to accept Jesus Christ as her Savior.

This then led to her engaging her parents who opened their hearts to share about their struggles in life. A cell group has subsequently been tasked to follow up on the family with visits as relationship continues to be deepened between church members and the family in need.

It is with hope that the whole family will be the first of many to turn to Christ as the members persistently reach out and follow up on their needs with the love and comfort of Christ.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Spurred to Disciple Effectively through Leadership Seminar


Bangkok, Thailand- Seeking to be equipped effectively for breakthrough during the Lent season, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church participated in a leadership seminar that was held recently.

During the seminar, the principles of ‘ 360 Degrees Leader’ that were coined by Dr John C. Maxwell were discussed in depth by the guest speaker. The participants were guided in the principles to lead their superiors, followers and peers respectively.

Reflecting upon the seminar, the minister shared, “ Two questions kept ringing in my heart, ‘ Will anyone go to heaven because of me?’ and ‘ How can I love others more?’. I hope that we can ACT on it, to apply, change and teach others to know the Bible well.”

Encouraged by the seminar, it is with hope that the members will rise up as spiritual leaders to comfort many wandering souls with the Gospel of Christ.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Equips Members through Creative Evangelism Workshop

evangelism workshop

Bangkok, Thailand- Seeking to empower more members to take part in evangelism towards reaching 24 congregants by Easter, Bangkok Immanuel Church held an evangelism workshop recently to guide members to present the Gospel using creative methods.

Led by one of the Bible teachers, Sister Aew, who initiated the workshop, the members were guided to share the Gospel through story telling with the use of a paper. The method has the potential to reach various age groups considering the positive response received from the two children who participated.

It is with hope that as members persevere to evangelize at every opportunity through various methods, it would lead to many to flood the church to know the meaning of the Cross and resurrection of Christ.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Rejoices Over 2 Children Receiving Christ, Eyes More Fruits.


Bangkok, Thailand – By the grace of God, Bangkok Immanuel Church rejoices over the decision of two children who confessed Jesus Christ as their personal Savior recently following their attendance in the church for the past several months.

With a pure heart and conviction in God’s love towards her, the young Sister Shasha shared, “ I love to come to church. I want to know Jesus. I now know that I am God’s child.”

It is with hope that both the children will be the first of many to come to Christ during the season of Lent as the members persevere to spread the Gospel at every opportunity.

“ I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Bangkok Immanuel Church Comforts the Needy through Hospital Charity Project.



Bangkok, Thailand – With hearts to spread forth the love of Christ to those in need, a cell group from Bangkok Immanuel Church began participating in a charity project by serving food at a local hospital.

During the recent visit to Srithanya Hospital, they met a  patient who had been living in the hospital for the past 7 years after being abandoned by her cousins. Upon listening to her life story, the members encouraged and prayer for her, showering her with the comfort from God.

Following the visit to the hospital, the members then had a graceful time of fellowship reflecting the grace they received through the project.

It is with hope that through participating continually in the charity project, it would enlarge the hearts of the cell members to comfort the needy with the hope and love found only in Christ.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Ignited with Passion for Evangelism

Evangelism Photo

Mook photo

Bangkok, Thailand – With hearts to draw 24 people to the church by Easter, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church continues to co-work closely in evangelism and visitation of those in need.

Following the recent Sunday Service, the church members distributed Gospel leaflets in the church neighborhood with full of hope and joy. Subsequently, they also visited the home of Brother Boonserm, the 84 year old senior who recently accepted Christ to bring comfort to his wife who is sick.

Through their evangelism efforts, there were to two who expressed their interest to visit the church in the near future. In addition, Sister Mook, the cousin of church member Sister Hong, decided to receive Christ as her personal Savior.

Reflecting upon her decision to accept Christ, Sister Mook shared, “I felt that nobody understands me. Only Jesus is beside me. When I am discouraged, God encourages me to keep me going. He is in me and knows me. When I did things wrongly, He carried my sin. Thank God.”

Witnessing her cousin sister receiving Christ, Sister Hong shared, “I thank God for moving me to share the Gospel with my cousin today. When I am closer to God, I have the heart to evangelize more.”

As the members continue to unite more in spreading the Gospel, it is with hope that many new believers will be added to the church with each passing day.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Witnesses Cell Group Empowering Members Involvement


Bangkok, Thailand- As members of Bangkok Immanuel Church begin to adopt the cell church model, the potential of cell groups that empowers involvement of members in mutual encouragement and evangelism reveals hope for greater growth of the church.

Under the leadership of Sister Aew, the  ‘CARE’ Group gathered recently for a graceful time of praise, personal testimonies, study of the Word and prayer together.  The atmosphere was full of unity and joy.

During the meeting, an outreach program to treat mental health patients with food was proposed for this upcoming Saturday while Sunday afternoon will be spent on distributing the gospel leaflets together.

While the cell groups appear to be as small as mustard seed when it is planted, it is hopeful that they will grow into big tree that give spiritual rest to many people  who are lost and wandering.