Bangkok Immanuel Church Begins New Year with Prayer Walks

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Bangkok, Thailand- With renewed hearts to bear abundant fruits in the year 2015, Bangkok Immanuel Church began the new year by organizing prayer walks in the surrounding neighborhood of the church.

Recognizing the reality of spiritual warfare in a nation that is drenched with the culture of Buddhism, the members seek to break more ground by piling up prayers and seeking for the power of Holy Spirit to set people free from every bondage in their lives.

By interceding for the people in need while proclaiming the blessings of God upon the path that they treaded, it is with great hope that the spiritual atmosphere in Thailand will be changed to welcome the proclamation of the Gospel throughout the year.

“I will give you every place where you set your foot, as I promised Moses.”

Bangkok Immanuel Church Co-works with Local Churches to Spread Joy of Christmas



Bangkok, Thailand- Towards proclaiming the message of Christ’s birth in the Nontaburi province, Bangkok Immanuel Church co-worked with other local churches in organizing a Christmas evangelistic event recently where 1,000 people attended.

With the theme ‘Thai Christians Give with Love’, the participants listened to the deep meaning of Christ’s birth through the message delivered by a renowned Thai preacher.  Apart from the Christmas message, the crowd was also divided into small groups where they are were served with meals while engaging in conversations regarding the Gospel message.  Among the small group where Bangkok Immanuel Church served, it has been encouraging that some even received Christ as their personal Savior.

As the church members meditate upon the humble birth of Christ by serving alongside the local church network, it is with hope that it will give birth to budding relationships with other churches towards partnership in proclaiming the Gospel in the nation and beyond.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Savor the Joy & Meaning of Christmas with Many



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Members of the Drama Performing Team

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Bangkok, Thailand- With the theme ‘The True Meaning of Christmas’, Bangkok Immanuel Church held a graceful Christmas gathering on December 21st where the participants came to know the deep meaning of Christmas.

Seeking to reach out to a crowd filled with non-believers, several highlights of the gathering involves song presentations by the worship team, icebreaking games that introduces the newcomers to each other; and drama presentations that retold Bible stories and the Gospel message.  Subsequently, during the time of message, the participants were led to reflect upon the comparison between  ‘what’  or ‘who’ is more important in life.

Following the message, several life testimonies in the perspective of receiving love from church members were shared by three sisters.  Some participants were moved by their stories so much so that they were even overwhelmed with tears.

It is with great hope that this Christmas gathering would be a starting point for many participants to seek after the true meaning of Christmas and a personal relationship with Christ.

‘But God demonstrates His own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’

Bangkok Immanuel Church Diligently Prepares for Christmas to Welcome Many


Christmas drama

Bangkok, Thailand – With just a week left prior to the Christmas gathering next Sunday, the ministers, along with the participation of Bangkok Immanuel Church members are stepping up their preparation efforts with ongoing evangelism and rehearsals for a drama performance for the event.

Until the very last day, evangelism will continue vigorously in addition to invitation of friends and relatives to the ‘True Meaning of Christmas’ gathering where 24 non-Christians are expected to attend.

In addition, towards communicating the message of Christmas effectively, the members are also actively rehearing for the drama performance.

As the church unites in one heart for the preparation, may God lead many thirsty Thais to seek after the true meaning of Christ’s birth in their lives during this Christmas time.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Celebrates 7th Anniversary with Gratitude

7 thAnniversary

Bangkok, Thailand – On December 14th, Bangkok Immanuel Church greeted her 7th Anniversary through a dedicated service where members reviewed the mission developments over the past years and offered their gratitude to the Lord.

The anniversary message was taken from Revelation 2:1-7 and was entitled  ‘Remember Your First Love’.  Church Pastor exhorted the members, “Why do we celebrate the anniversary? God reminds His people to tell to all generations what wonderful works He had done for them.  This applies to us as well as we have to remember what God has done for us.  A church which has a strong sense of history will have a better sense of identity which shapes the future.”

In addition, the members were further encouraged to desire a life like a new wine which gets tastier over time and does not loses their first love towards God.

Following a graceful time of message, the members presented a song entitled ‘We Thank’ together before recollecting the history of the church’s development through a special video made for the occasion.

Remembering the grace that have poured down abundantly towards the church, it is with hope that church mission will continue to march forward with greater dream and hope in God, beginning with the Christmas evangelistic event this coming Sunday.


Bangkok Immanuel Church Challenged by Mission Conference to Advance Gospel

Mission in Action

Bangkok, Thailand – While participating in the ‘Mission in Action’ Conference organized recently by the local churches and mission agencies in Thailand, the ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church were greatly challenged to advance the spread of Gospel in the nation and beyond.

Despite a mere 1.2% of the country’s population being Christians, the ministers were reminded during the theme talks and workshops to cast a wider vision of fulfilling the Great Commission both in Thailand and all corners of the world.  In addition to that, the testimonies of many long-term missionaries in Thailand further spurred the ministers to persevere in mission even to win over one more soul.

It gives much encouragement to the ministers that some of the participating missionaries  also offered to support the local church in terms of mission training.

May church mission continue to expand further in the days heading to Christmas as the ministers carry on with the fire ignited during the conference to reach many lost souls with the Gospel.


Bangkok Immanuel Church Networks with Local Campus Fellowship for Effective Mission

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Bangkok, Thailand – Church Ministers attended a Christian activity organized recently by the KU Christian Fellowship in an effort to build relationship with Christian students in the campus.

With the theme ‘The Star of Christmas’, close to 50 students attended the activity to reflect upon the purpose of celebrating Christmas. By participating in the event, it provided a precious opportunity for the ministers to engage many Christians in the university while enhancing the network with the campus fellowship leaders towards evangelizing the whole campus for Christ.

Ít is with hope that through the new relationships being made during the activity, it would lead many to find rest in the Bible study programs offered by church.

Bangkok Immanuel Church to Hold Bible-Centered Events to Fulfill Christmas Goals


Bangkok, Thailand – Entering the month of December where the nation celebrates the King’s Birthday (also the National Father’s Day) and Christmas, Bangkok Immanuel Church ministers will be preparing for Bible-centered events as means to gather many at once.

Among the events that have been planned are as follows: 7th Anniversary Celebration of the Bangkok Immanuel Church, Movie Fellowship where the movie ‘Exodus: Gods and Kings’will be shown, Christmas Party where a goal of 24 non-Christians are expected to attend the ‘True Meaning of Christmas’ themed event and Caroling in neighboring houses to spread the message of love.

Apart from the Bible-centered events, the ministers will also take part in a “Mission in Action” event from December 5th till 7th that is organized to challenge participants to be involved in the Great Commission both within the nation and beyond.

May the month of December serve to be a month of harvest where many people will come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Strategy of Empathic Listening Effectively Reaching Seniors


Bangkok, Thailand – As the ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church continue their study of Buddhists’ mindset and characteristics of Thai people recently, they identified an effective strategy of empathic listening while reaching out to seniors.

By listening empathically to his life stories when he was initially evangelized and subsequently building relationship with him over the past several months, a senior finally stepped into the church on the occasion of his 84th birthday recently.

Despite it being a happy occasion, the senior opened up to share his life sufferings, hopelessness and fear to death. Sensing the opportunity, the ministers encouraged him with words of hope and subsequently shared the Gospel which he heard for the first time in his life.

As the Holy Spirit continues to work in the life of the senior, it is with hope that many such as him who are in suffering and burden could find rest in the church and the Lord of peace.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Broadens Knowledge in Buddhist Religion for Effective Mission

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Bangkok, Thailand – Towards leading the mission effectively, ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church participated in a seminar organized by a Christian foundation entitled, ‘To Understand Religions, Understand Humans; to Understand Buddhists, Understand Thai People’ on November 24th.

“As 95% of Thai people are Buddhists, do Thai churches understand Buddhism enough to do mission with them? This was the major question raised by the speakers. During the seminar, the speakers shared about the purpose of the studying Buddhism, the different theology between Christians and Buddhists, the characteristics of Thai people, the right attitude towards Buddhists and Buddhism. Subsequently, a time for questions and answers was also allocated for the further discussion.

Through the seminar, the ministers realized that it is important to do research and to know their people well for the purpose of expanding mission. In addition, they recognized that it is more effective to do mission with native Thais.

May God grant the ministers wisdom to find effective strategies towards evangelizing many Thai people for His glory.