Chiang Mai Short Term Mission Trip Concluded, Members Passion For Evangelism Grows

Love, Pass it onChiang Mai, Thailand – Thanks to God for leading the 10 days short term mission trip at Chiang Mai, North Thailand.  The short term mission concluded with three accepted Christ as personal savior, more souls willing to know God.  Members experienced God’s providence through the trip thus developing passion towards evangelism.

Despite the political instability, the team persisted on evangelism at local universities and parks.  They testified the amazing work of God in leading them to meet souls desperate for salvations and longing to receive God to intervene their life as they have been suffered from various difficulties.

One of the team members, Sister May, first time involved in evangelism, shared that “In the beginning I was scared.  However, I realized that evangelism is passing on the love to a lost soul.  When God works and touched their hearts, it is easy for them to accept Jesus as personal savior.”

“I received more than what I could offer.  I learnt to humble myself, understand myself deeper, and to seek God more,” Sister Poy shared on her reflection of the trip.

Sister Dang testified the work of God that encourages her to have hope in God. “Before I participated in the mission trip, there was despair in my heart.  Through this trip, God gave me hope, what we are doing is merely to sow the seeds, it is God who makes them grow.”

It is thankful to witness the growth of members throughout the trip.  May God continue to raise them to be His vessel in spreading the Gospel throughout the nation.

Short Term Mission Starts at Chiang Mai to Ignite Passion For Gospel

Love, Pass it on

Evangelist in the park

Evangelism in the Park

new believer (2) new believer photo with Ban

Photos with New believers

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Bible Study

Chiang Mai- After months of preparation, short term mission starts at Chiang Mai as the team arrived there on May 20.  It is with hope that through the 10 days mission trip, members will be ignited to have passion for mission.

Upon arriving at the mission field, a member shared, “This is my first mission trip.  Thanks God that He provides everything on time to make the trip possible to happen.  I believe this mission trip will be great time to experience God and grow to know Him more.  I am willing to offer my time and lay down my own thought to accomplish His work.”

Chiang Mai is the second largest city after Bangkok, with a population of 250,000.  Majority of them are Thais.  The city located at the northern part of Thailand, known as modern city and tourism hub.

On May 21, the team started reaching out to the locals through street evangelism, approach them with small talks and eventually introduce Christ to them.  Thanks to God that a sister accepted Christ and the whole team witnessed the amazing work of Holy Spirit, and experienced  the joy of witnessing one lost soul back to God!

Sister Pan, shared her reflectiion after accepted Christ, “I can feel my heart is lighter and peaceful after the prayer, may Jesus be my helper.”

Please pray for Chiang Mai people to respond to the gospel, pray for the team members to rely on God to carry out His work, and experience the guidance of Holy Spirit throughout the trip.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Confirms Short-Term Mission Team


Bangkok, Thailand – As God works in the hearts of the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church, five of them signed up to participate in a short-term mission trip to Chiang Mai from May 20th till 30th.

Armed with a goal to evangelize and raise 12 people during the trip, the trip will include daily trainings for the participants to develop a life of evangelism and shepherding with a view of eventual long-term mission in the city.

With the theme”Love, Pass It On”, the daily schedule includes as in-depth study of the Gospel and Acts and evangelism in Chiang Mai University.  A mini-retreat and fellowship gathering will also be organized as a platform to reach newcomers.

It is with hope that the short term mission team will gain abundant grace from God throughout the trip.  May many thirsty souls be found.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Evangelizes at Parks to Reach More People


With the campus students busy with their preparation for examinations, the ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church devoted more time to evangelize at parks recently to reach more people.

During a recent evangelism at the park, the ministers were led to initiate a conversation with a man who took the day off from work.  By the work of the Holy Spirit, the conversation resulted in Brother Da accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior as he was led to say the sinner’s prayer.  It is further encouraging that he expressed his interest to study the Bible regularly towards knowing more about Christ.

Apart from Brother Da, it is also heartening for the ministers to meet Brother Kim who also responded positively to study the Bible.

As the ministers resolve to breakthrough in evangelizing more people, may God lead many lost sheep to be found towards knowing the love of the True Shepherd for them.

Bangkok Immanuel Church to Revive as Graceful Easter Retreats Held


Bangkok, Thailand – With the theme  ‘Because He Lives’, a total of 12 people attended the Easter retreat held in Bangkok Immanuel Church.

Through the Bible studies on John 18-21, the participants deepen their understanding towards the meaning of the Cross and resurrection of Christ, thus offering gratitude to God for what He has done in their respective lives.  In addition to the studies, they also watched ‘The Passion of Christ’ movie together while taking part in other Easter-related activities.

Reflecting upon the messages, sister May shared, “It is because of Jesus’ sacrifice  that set me free.  It is through Jesus that I have a new life!  I wish to meditate more of the new life and its differences from my old life.”

Apart from her, sister Noon also confessed, “The Cross is the love from God, it is so amazing that God give me His only Son.  I hope that I can remember such love and follow His way.”

Empowered by the Easter retreats which served as a turning point for mission field, it is with hope that the ministers would reflect the power of resurrection towards gaining more grounds in mission.

‘Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life.  The one who believes in me will live, even though they die; and whoever lives by believing in me will never die.’

Bangkok Immanuel Church Mission Witnesses Encouraging Growth during Lent


Bangkok, Thailand – With a heart of thankfulness, Church  ministers testified the development of mission during the past few weeks of the Lent season.  It is encouraging to witness one sister accepting Jesus Christ and increasing newcomers during the Sunday service and group Bible studies started at a recently pioneered university.

Sister Kuk, who accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior recently, she was evangelized during early March.  Reflecting upon the invitation to receive Christ into her life, she shared, “Today I knew that I am a sinner who needs help.  I believe that Jesus has forgiven my sins and His blood cleansed all my impurity.  I believe that Jesus is the answer of my life.”

By the grace of God, He has been leading the church mission.  It is with hope that church mission will continue to experience revival during Lent as the church grows in unity towards containing many souls for His glory.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Spurred for Faith Mission as Training Held


Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok Immanuel Church concluded the two days mission training on March 28-29, with thankfulness; members testified the work of Holy Spirit that ignited their passion for mission.  Through Bible studies and various activities, participants gained greater faith and offered themselves as the vessel ready to be used by God.

A sister shared, “Through training, I was able to see the importance of listening and responding to God’s calling.  I was reminded to remember the Creator in the days of youth, before the days of trouble come.”

The mission training was held to instill the heart of mission among members for short term mission trip to Chiang Mai at the end of May.  The short term mission team is open for recruitment from this week onward till May 1.

May God bless the mission trip to Chiang Mai and through the evangelism, more thirsty souls will be brought back to Him.


Bangkok Immanuel Church Expands Campus Evangelism Territories for Greater Harvest


Bangkok, Thailand – Working towards reaching the goal of 24 attendants for the Easter retreat, ministers begin to expand their territory for evangelism into several other campuses.

Apart from evangelizing in Kasertart University , they begin spreading the Gospel recently to other university that is located nearer to the church. Adding to Kasertsart University that had served as a base for campus mission over the past few years, it is with hope that these expansion efforts will serve as a launchpad to reach more people to know Christ

For greater effectiveness in shepherding the students in more university, Bible study groups have been arranged to be held on Mondays and Thursdays. In addition, by the grace of God, evangelism during the past few days have yielded four newcomers to the Bible studies.

As the church continues to work hardly during this season of Lent, it is with hope that all kinds of people will be found to know the precious blood of the Cross for the salvation of their lives.

Witnesses Encouraging Growth in Bible Studies


Bangkok, Thailand -

Aiming to reach more attendants for the upcoming Easter, the ministers of Immanuel Church co-working diligently while setting up more group Bible studies as a channel to raise students according to their respective levels.

By the grace of God, there were three newcomers who attended the recent study where a brief introduction of the Bible and a message entitled ‘Bible as the Light of Life’ were delivered. Following a time of sharing and discussion after the study, it is encouraging that the students expressed their interest to learn more in the future.

Among the newcomers, Brother Mek has been raising many questions regarding life. Expressing his joy of finding answers in the Word, he shared, “As I have been asking many questions, it appears to others that I am a crazy guy. I tried to search for the answers but it didn’t satisfy my heart. Thank you so much, I now know that the Bible has a deep spiritual meaning within. I discovered that the Bible is interesting to study. I can feel that my heart is released as I received much comfort through the study.”

As the ministers resolve to walk the path of the cross with faith and obedience to the Word, it is with hope that many lost souls would be comforted by God during this period of Lent.

Church Ministers to Challenge Mission with Path of Cross Entering Lent


Bangkok , Thailand  –  As the Lent season sets off from March 5th till April 20th, Church  ministers embarked on a 40-days journey with a renewed determination to know and follow the way of the Cross for breakthrough in personal faith and mission.

Meditating on the deep meaning of the path of Cross and love of Christ, the ministers will be striving towards keeping the daily standards of 3 hours each for evangelism, teaching and self-study. Various mission strategies and deep conversational approaches will be deployed and evaluated from time to time to challenge mission with the method of faith.

It is with hope that as the ministers resolve to challenge mission following the path of the Cross daily, they would experience resurrection in their mission field throughout the season of Lent.

‘If anyone would come after Me, let him deny himself and take up his cross daily and follow Me.’