Bangkok Immanuel Church Hold Three Day’s Training to Pursue Faith-Based Mission

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Bangkok, Thailand – By the grace of God, the 3-days leadership training begins in Bangkok Immanuel Church where the local leaders were exhorted to persist in mission with faith in the active presence of God.

Firstly, the theme of faith were explored in greater detail through studying the faith of Abraham who obeyed the calling of God to leave his comfort zones though he did not know where he was going. Instead of being overwhelmed by expectations of the future, the leaders were reminded to take each step forward with faith in the promises of God that will be fulfilled in His time.

The study of Isaac’s faith in both his father and God that led him willingly subjecting his life to their will. In addition, Jacob’s eagerness for God’s blessings which led him to wrestle until the end further spur the leaders to seek for greater gifts in faith and persistence for mission breakthrough.

The last day, the Bible study series on the ancestors of faith drew to a close with the study of Joseph. Through the study, the leaders were inspired by Joseph who never wavered in his faith towards the predestination and plan of God despite facing unending challenges in his life. Rather than finding excuses to give up amidst difficulties in mission, the leaders were encouraged to set up greater faith towards the God of Immanuel

A time of evangelism soon followed with a renewed passion to reach more people in deeper conversations and faith in God’s promises. The training then continued with a seminar that identifies each other’s strengths and weaknesses that enabled them to know each other better. Through this seminar, the leaders were urged to co-work better in unity and bear each other’s burdens in love and a serving heart. For greater effectiveness in church growth, the roles of every leader in the church were further discussed and defined.

It is with hope that the hearts of the leaders will be renewed to pursue mission in faith and unity as the training prepares to enter the final day.

Immanuel Church Prays for Nation, Seeks to Comfort Many


Amidst the political unrest in Thailand, members of Bangkok Immanuel Church began fasting and participated in prayer walk for the peace of God to reign over the nation.

Testifying the work of the Holy Spirit during prayer, a member shared, “When I prayed, I asked God how He felt over the situation. I then felt a deep pain inside my heart and a phrase came to my mind, ‘Thai people need the Lord’.”

The members believe that during this time of crisis, it is a life-changing period when people began seeking for the truth and peace within their hearts. It is with hope that as the members seek to comfort those in need with the Gospel, many Thai people will respond to the Prince of Peace.

‘The LORD gives strength to His people; the LORD blesses His people with peace.’