Bangkok Immanuel Church Encourages Members to Be Doers of God’s Word


With Pentecost drawing near, the minister of Bangkok Immanuel Church encouraged the members to be the doers of God’s Word and be closer to God’s Word by meditating on the Word day and night during the recent Sunday Service.

During the service, the minister delivered the message that was taken from James 1:25 and exhorted the congregants to find their answers through the Word which gives freedom and way following God’s will.

Reflecting upon the message, a member shared, “Despite being busy with my studies, I tend to read the Word of God daily. However, these days, I came to see that I neglect my spiritual life and face many difficulties. Thank God for the message that He reminded me once again that I should spend time to read the Word of God and live out daily.”

Another member also shared, “I learned that I should obey the Word, not analyzing it whether it’s reasonable or not. When the Word of God is being proclaimed, I should be humble and obedient to follow it. I hope that my heart is like an innocent child who obeys His will.”

May the Lord bless the members to ponder on His word and become the ones who practice the Word daily to be closer to God.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Gives Thanks for Departing Missionaries, Unites in Love


The members of Bangkok Immanuel Church participated in a graceful service and fellowship during the recent Sunday, giving thanks to God for His work through their ministry in the church for the past six months.

During the service, Pastor Tertius delivered a message that was taken from Matthew 13:44-46. The congregation was encouraged to seek for eternal treasures, “As the world seeks for temporary knowledge, good health and love, but we are blessed with the eternal Word of God, eternal life and eternal love as our treasure and pearl of great value. More than anything else, we need to sell off everything that we have, in order to make these treasures ours.”

Following the service, there was a graceful time of fellowship that included a game with meaningful questions for the members to get to know more about the pastors. Following the game, they was a song of blessings and prayer for the pastors from the members.

The church members expressed gratefulness to God for leading the footsteps of Pastor Tertius and Pastor Rebekah to serve in the church during its challenging times. Through their ministry, the members came to witness how the Holy Spirit ignited the light of love and unity among them.

May the Lord’s blessings continue to be upon Pastor Tertius and Pastor Rebekah as they embark on the next phase of their ministry and serve Him according to His guidance.

Church Ministers Employ ‘1-Minute Strategy’ to Share Gospel with Many


The ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church have recently reorganized their evangelism approach in order to communicate the Gospel effectively.

Recognizing majority People being steadfast in holding on to their religious worldviews and are not ready to spend much time listening to explanation of the Gospel from strangers, the ministers have recently employed the ‘1-Minute Strategy’ where they intend to share the crux of the Gospel within one minute.

Through employing this method, they found many people who are willing to hear their testimony of the Gospel. The ministers began by introducing themselves, before sharing the Gospel and programs offered by the church. By the grace of God, some responded positively.

A minister shared, “Recently our neighbor passed away by car accident after coming back from the wedding ceremony of his son. I learnt that we do not know about tomorrow, maybe we can’t meet that person for the second time that we meet. What we can do for them is to share Good News to them as soon as possible. I hope that we can catch the time to save one more soul.”

Please pray that God will open the door for the new method of evangelism and many people will come to hear the Gospel and receive Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about Christ. (Romans 10:17)

Bangkok Immanuel Church Assigns Tasks, Prays for Pentecost Event Preparations

Hope's not dead2

God's not dead leaflet

Drawing closer to the Pentecost event that will be held on June 4th, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church united in one heart to pray for the preparations of the event as they gathered recently to finalize the details of the event.

Following the recent Sunday Service, they discussed in more detail about the program for the Pentecost event with the theme ‘Hope’s Not Dead’. Every member actively offered themselves to serve in running activities for that day. Additionally, they have also confirmed a beautifully designed leaflet that will be used to promote the event.

After the discussion, they spent time to pray for event, with the heart knowing that the Holy Spirit is working in their midst as they finalize the preparations and extend the invitations to their friends and family to attend the event.

May the Lord continue to work among the members as they unite in one heart to prepare for the event to lead many people to find the true hope in Christ.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Overjoyed with A Sister Accepting Christ as Her Savior


With a heart to win one more soul to Christ, the ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church  continue to evangelize and teach daily, and they were deeply encouraged recently as a sister decided to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.

After meeting the ministers for the second time when they shared the Gospel with her, Sister Mook decided to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Savior. Recognizing the precious opportunity, the ministers immediately invited her to attend a Bible study to which she agreed without hesitation despite it being her examination period.

During conversations with her, the ministers came to know that her father has been hospitalized for the past three months due to lung cancer. As such, she and her sister has been taking care of him daily while requiring to work part-time jobs to support the family.

Upon hearing this, the ministers decided to visit her father in the near future, with the aim to bring encouragement of the Lord to the family.

Please pray that Sister Mook will find rest in God and hold on to His love firmly as she continues to grow more in her understanding of His Word.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Spurred by Encounter of Poor Children to Plan ‘Project Hope for Kids’

project Hope

Seeking to draw people of diverse age groups and backgrounds to the church, the ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church have been actively evangelizing nearby the church neighborhood as they begin planning for ‘Project Hope for Kids’ as a channel to draw more children to the church.

During recent evangelism efforts, the ministers delivered flyers to many houses in the church neighborhood and they encountered many poor children. The Holy Spirit moved their hearts to plan actively for children activities which will also serve to build relationships with their parents.

The ministers desire that ‘Project Hope for Kids’ will serve as a channel to draw the children to attend activities that will be planned by the church while promoting the church to the people in the neighborhood.

Towards identifying the need of their target groups, the church will begin working on a survey form that will be distributed in housing areas near the church by the end of this week.

Among the activities that the church hope to offer to the kids include classes such as English, Chinese, art & crafts, dance, science, music and cooking; and they are considering to hold the classes on a weekly basis. It is encouraging that every member are contributing their talents to serve as teacher of the various classes that are being considered

May the Lord grant the church wisdom and open up the way for them to launch ‘Project Hope for Kids’.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Exhorted to Be on Guard, Pray Unceasingly


During the recent Sunday Service that was held at Bangkok Immanuel Church, the congregants were led to meditate about their lives, to be on guard at all times through prayer.

Through the message that was taken from Mark 13:32-37, the congregants were exhorted, “We must be ready because the Son of Man will come at an hour when we do not expect Him to be. He will come with glory and power. Let us be on our guards and be alert to prepare ourselves well and have the hope to meet the Lord always”.

Reflecting on the message, a member shared, “I was reminded by God about this many times during this month. I attended the funeral of my friend’s father, God moved my heart to share the Gospel to my family members and cousins. Through the message again, God reminded me to share the Gospel and be alert to live my life daily.”

Another member added, “In the past, I didn’t see God as the powerful and mighty one. I live recklessly. From now on, I would like to fear God and not live my life recklessly.”

After service, they had a graceful time of watching a movie together. Through the movie ‘The Shack’, it guides them to ponder about their perspective towards God who is both holy and gracious.

Reflecting on the movie, a member shared, “This movie really touched my heart. Many times we have the misunderstanding towards the God of love and just. This movie helped me to have the right perspective to God and believe in His goodness and love.”

May the Lord bless the church members to prepare their lives well and hold on to the faith firmly in the midst of hardship.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Spurred by Studies on the Cross, Overflows with Christ’s Love

Bible study

Encouraging hearts to walk together with the Lord on the path of the Cross, Bangkok Immanuel Church held Bible study sessions during the afternoon of Palm Sunday which centered on the final moments of Jesus Christ in His path towards to the Cross.

The Bible lectures centered on John 18-20, where the members were guided to meditate on the prayer of Jesus Christ at Gethsamane and the path that He took towards the Cross. Every participant was deeply moved by the lectures that felt the deep love of Jesus towards them as they share the grace with tears.

A member shared, “I came to see the suffering of Jesus Christ, yet how He determined to walk on the path till the end after the prayer. Love without obedience, obedience without love and prayer to receive the power to love and to obey is the way to carry the Cross. I pray that I can walk this path of faith with such heart of Jesus till the end.”

It is with a great hope that as the love of Jesus entered deeply in their hearts, it will give them strength to walk on this path of faith with the Lord as Easter nears.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Begins Outreach Classes, Builds Relationship to Save Souls

Korean Class

English Classk

Korean Class2

To reach many people with the love of Christ, Bangkok Immanuel Church commenced its basic Korean and English conversation outreach classes recently.
As members joined in the efforts by posting the flyer of the church’s outreach classes through their personal social media pages, there were more newcomers during the recent class. Some also came through direct evangelism by giving out flyers in the street. Additionally, it was further encouraging that some outreach students even brought along their friends during the recent class.

It is with a great hope that through using every opportunity to share the Gospel, the Holy Spirit will work greatly in the hearts of people through this language outreach classes.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Romans Study Series Move Hearts to Repentance

study Romans

During this season of Lent, Bangkok Immanuel Church continues its regular group Bible study of the book of Romans to guide current members and regular congregants with a deeper understanding of their salvation in Christ.

Through the recent study which centers on Romans 1:18-32, the participants were guided to see the depths of their sins which began from arrogant hearts of not containing the creator God in their hearts.

As their hearts are empty of God, the participants came to see how men seek for all kinds of ‘things’ to fill the void, leading them to worship idols, engage in sexual relationships outside the marriage covenant, involve in homosexual relationships and eventually finding comfort in judging and having others being a much worse sinner than them.

Throughout the study, the Holy Spirit worked greatly as the sins of participants were revealed and subsequently moved them to repentance.

Reflecting on Bible lecture, a member shared, “I came to see how ugly I am before God. It all began because I did not contain God in my heart. I wish to repent and cut off my root of sins – the sin of arrogance – and turn back to Him. I can only be grateful for Christ who died on the Cross for my sins.”

May God bless the members and regular congregants to have a deeper awareness of their sins, which opens up their hearts to seek more for God’s mercy and appreciate the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross all the more than before.