Bangkok Immanuel Church Networks with Campus Fellowship, Guides Precious Soul to Christ


With a desire to reach more campus students effectively, the ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church have been cultivating a good relationship with the committee of a Christian fellowship that is located near the church.

Through the network established, several non-Christians who are interested in knowing more about Christianity have been introduced to attend the church. To widen the spread of Gospel to the campus students and follow up on newcomers that have been led to the church recently, the ministers will be attending the Christian fellowship’s cell group activity held every Tuesday from 4pm till 6pm.

During a recent visit, the ministers were encouraged to witness one brother receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, after attending the cell group activity for the past few years.

Reflecting on the work of God in his life, he shared, “I am now a fourth year student, so I would like to open my heart to everyone today. My life has often been surrounded by Christians since I am a child till I am now studying in the university. My family are staunch Buddhists. When I was in high school, we often debated about Buddhism.”

“As time passed, when I am in the university, I came to know a Christian friend and from that time I have attended church every week. During the same time, I attended the cell group here every week. However, because of family pressure, I am afraid to change my faith, though I am the one who has been interested in Christ for a long time,” he continued.

Following his sharing, the Gospel was explained more in depth to him as he was eventually led to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. Everyone present were encouraged to witness his life-changing decision.

As the church continues to maintain a close relationship with the Christian fellowship, it is with hope that they will encounter many prepared souls like this brother, as the Gospel is being preached widely in the campus.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Commences New Outreach Programs



Bangkok Immanuel Church launched Chinese class and music class to evangelize, to follow up church newcomers and church members who are interested to study.

The Chinese class is held on Sunday by the appointment, the first class four students joined the class with joyful heart. For the Music class is held on Saturday and Sunday by the appointment.

The students had the good response to outreach classes. Two students who are interested in Christianity come to join Sunday Service before studying Chinese language.

Ministers are praying to have more prepared people to join the classes as it is the way to invite people to church. Please pray that through outreach programs, many souls will come to know Christ.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Meditates Power of Christ’s Resurrection in Easter Event





Greeting the joy of the Lord’s resurrection, Bangkok Immanuel Church held a graceful Easter outreach event on March 27th. The event begun with a time of worship celebrating and proclaiming the victory of the Lord over death. This is followed by a time of sharing by Teacher Wongpat Maneenoi from Bangkok Bible Seminary who delivered the message that was entitled ‘Hidden Power’.

Through the message, the attendants were guided to know the power of the Lord’s resurrection, which is the greatest power and victory over death on Easter Day. They were also encouraged to hear that the power of resurrection changes grief to joy, defeat to victory and for the disciples to experience a new start in their faith.

Following the time of message, there were several Easter-themed activities for the attendants to know each other better while knowing the meaning of the Lord’s resurrection. The event then ended with the screening of a Gospel film entitled ‘Letters to God’.

Through the Word of God, activities and Gospel film during the event, it is with hope that the attendants will open their heart wider to receive the Gospel. May the Lord bless them to experience the resurrected Lord everyday as they are renewed in Him day by day as they come to know more about Him

Bangkok Immanuel Church Sunday Service on Palm Sunday

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Bangkok Immanuel Church held Sunday service with joyful heart on March 22. There were four new comers come to visit the church. A staff from Christian organization brought one sister who finding church near her university to them.

On the day, The preacher delivered message taken from John 12:12-26 entitled, “The ones who receive honor”. She emphasized the ones who receive honor have 3 characteristics; a humble heart, sacrifice themselves and follow Jesus closely. The participants shared the grace from the Word of God after the service and prayed for Easter event.

After the table fellowship, they decorated the church place for Easter together. Please pray that by the grace of God, the Holy Spirit will bring more newcomers and lost lambs to Him.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Unites in Final Preparations of Easter Event


As Easter draws near, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church are stepping up their preparation efforts for the Easter outreach event that will be held on March 27th with a theme ‘Hidden Power’.

The event will begin with a Easter Sunday Service and followed by a series of meaningful activities that is aimed at guiding participants to know the hidden power of the Cross and the power of the Lord’s resurrection.

The flyer of the event have been actively promoted on the church’s social media sites such as Facebook and LINE. Church members have also invited their friends while continuously contacting potential visitors to attend the event. Additionally, flyers of the event are also given out to the church neighborhood and university students.

May God bless the efforts of the church to lead many people to know the power of Christ’s resurrection on Easter Day.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Explores Book of Revelation through Bible Seminar

20160306.Bible Seminar Revel2

With a heart to equip church members and congregants to understand deeper of the Word while serving as a platform to engage other Christians, Bangkok Immanuel Church held a Bible seminar on March 5th that gathered over 40 people.

Pastor Kikorn Sitijariyaporn was invited to speak at the seminar which was entitled ‘Walk Through Revelation’. He gave an overview of the book of Revelation by introducing each chapter one by one with illustrations. The congregants listened with thirsty and attentive hearts from 9am till 5pm.

Reflecting on the seminar, a sister shared, “I have been praying to God that I want to know more about the book of Revelation. I thank God that the church held a seminar regarding this topic. Through the seminar, I came to know His Word more. I wish to repent from my sins and live a holy life before God.”

Another brother who participated in the Bible seminar for the second time shared, “Thank you for organizing this Bible seminar, I received so much grace.”

It is with hope that Bangkok Immanuel Church will grow as a church where many thirsty souls will receive their spiritual food as they continue their 40 days’ journey towards Easter.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Holds Evangelistic Event, Highlights God’s Profound Love

20160219.Evan Event2
20160219.Evan Event3
20160219.Evan Event4

In conjunction with Valentine’s Day that was widely celebrated on February 14th, Bangkok Immanuel Church organized an evangelistic event highlighting the profound love of God which presented church members the opportunity to invite their network of family and friends to the church.

During the event that gathered over 20 people, Pastor Nikorn Sitijariyaporn was invited to deliver a message which he entitled ‘The Love which You Have Never Known’.

Through the message, the attendants were guided to know different kinds of love but the most profound of them all is the love of God towards men. It is encouraging that many testified later of how the message deeply moved their hearts.

It is with hope that as the church continues to hold such mass events regularly, this Lent season will be a period where they lead many hearts to receive the deep love of God that was revealed to them through Christ on the Cross.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Emphasizes Faith towards the Bible through Seminar



Towards laying a solid foundation in the Word amongst the members while serving as a platform to welcome more newcomers, Bangkok Immanuel Church organized a Bible seminar on February 13th.

Pastor Nikorn Sitijariyaporn was invited to speak at the seminar which was entitled ‘Believe in the Bible’. Every attendant received a lot of grace through the seminar as they learnt about the significance of the unchanging truth in the Bible.

It is with hope that with many seminars such as this are planned to be held in the future, it will serve as a precious platform to educate members firmly in the Word while gathering many more people who are thirsty to hear the Gospel.

Church Members Greets New Year with Overnight Prayer Meeting


The members of Bangkok Immanuel Church participated in an overnight prayer meeting together with Sanoi Church through social media on December 31st to greet 2016.

They started the prayer service with praise and reflections of thankfulness throughout the year 2015. Subsequently, they read the Word of God and prayed together.

During the time of prayer, they highlighted some particular issues for prayer such as prayer for repentance, prayer for blessing and salvation of the nation, prayer for plans for 2016, and prayer for church and members.

May God bless church mission in 2016

Bangkok Immanuel Church Sings Christmas Carols with Outreach Purpose


As Christmas is the good opportunity to share the message of God’s love through meaningful and joyful songs. Bangkok Immanuel Church organized the caroling visits to home of non-believers and coffee shop nearby church.

Through this, outreach program students also participated in singing Christmas carols. They started from the coffee shop, many customers filled with smile and warm welcome to them. They went many senior’s homes. Some of them were touched with tear of joy as they sang Christmas carols. In addition, they ask for the permission for giving pray of blessing to them.

Hope Christmas carols give meaningful message and peace in their hearts.