Church Minister Attend Inter-Church Event, Pray for National Leaders งานคริสตชนไทย รวมใจภักดิ์ เทิดไท้องค์ราชัน


Uniting in one heart with other churches to intercede for the nations’s royal rulers and government leaders, the minister of Bangkok Immanuel Church participated in a worship and prayer event that was held on June 9th in Bangkok Christian College.

The event was jointly organized by five Christian denominations with an aim to unite Thai Christians to pray for its nation’s leaders on the occasion of the 70th Anniversary of the current monarch’s accession to throne.

During the event, the minister has a graceful time uniting with fellow Thai Christians to pray for their royal rulers, government leaders, Department of Religious Affairs, Thai people and Thai Christians on a whole. The atmosphere was filled with unity and love.

In addition, the event also provided many opportunities for the minister to meet and have fellowship with Christians from many other churches.

It is with great hope that as Thai Christians unite their hearts in interceding for its nation’s leaders, the doors to spead the Gospel will be widened across the Buddhist majority nation.

คริสตชนไทย รวมใจกันร่วมพิธีนมัสการสรรเสริญพระเจ้า เพื่อเฉลิมฉลองพระเกียรติพระบาทสมเด็จพระเจ้าอยู่หัว เนื่องในโอกาสมหามงคลเสด็จเถลิงถวัลยราชสมบัติครบ 70 ปี 9 มิถุนายน 2016 ณ หอธรรม โรงเรียนกรุงเทพคริสเตียน

คริสตชน 5 องค์การได้รวมใจจัดงานนี้ขึ้น ภายในพิธีการ คริสตชนไทยได้รวมใจอธิษฐานเผื่อพระบาทสมเด็จพระเจ้าอยู่หัว สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิต์ พระบรมราชินีนาถ และพระบรมวงศานุวงศ์ทุกพระองค์ อธิษฐานเผื่อผู้นำประเทศ คณะรัฐบาล และข้าราชการ อธิษฐานเผื่อกรมการศาสนา กระทรวงวัฒนธรรม อธิษฐานเผื่อประชาชนชาวไทย และคริสตชนไทย

Bangkok Immaneul Church Rejoices Over a Sister Accepting Christ คริสตจักรอิมมานูเอล กรุงเทพฯ ชื่นชมยินดีที่พี่น้องคนหนึ่งต้อนรับพระเยซูคริสต์


On May 26th, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church rejoiced over the decision of a sister who made the commitment to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.

Sister Noi first came to church since Easter Sunday back in March and have since participated in every Sunday Service. In addition, she also attends Bible studies regularly and join the campus fellowship.

She shared, “I have always like Christianity before this and have many stories that let me being impressed with the Christian faith. I believe in my heart and talk to God everyday. I came to study Bible and I can see that my faith has grown. I believe that Jesus is God who can save me. He is with me and through Him, I can overcome every problem.”

วันที่ 26 พฤษภาคม สมาชิกคริสตจักรอิมมานูเอลกรุงเทพฯ ชื่นชมยินดีในการตัดสินใจของพี่น้องคนหนึ่งที่ได้ต้อนรับพระเยซูคริสต์เป็นองค์พระผู้เป็นเจ้า และพระผู้ช่วยให้รอด

คุณน้อย ได้มาคริสตจักรเป็นครั้งแรกในวันอาทิตย์อีสเตอร์ในเดือนมีนาคม และได้ร่วมนมัสการทุกวันอาทิตย์นับจากนั้น อีกทั้งเธอมีโอกาสได้เรียนพระคัมภีร์อย่างสม่ำเสมอ และเข้าร่วมกลุ่มสามัคคีธรรมในมหาวิทยาลัย

เธอแบ่งปันว่า “ฉันชอบศาสนาคริสต์มาโดยตลอดก่อนหน้านี้ และมีเรื่องราวมากมายที่ทำให้ฉันได้ประทับใจในความเชื่อคริสเตียน ฉันเชื่อในใจ และพูดกับพระเจ้าทุกวัน ฉันได้มาเรียนพระคัมภีร์ และได้เห็นความเชื่อของฉันเติบโตขึ้น ฉันเชื่อว่าพระเยซูเป็นพระเจ้า ผู้ทรงช่วยฉันให้รอด พระองค์อยู่กับฉัน และโดยพระองค์ ฉันสามารถชนะปัญหาทุกอย่าง”

Bangkok Immanuel Church Encourages Members to Share Gospel, Grace Overflows

Share Gospel22.May.2016.3

On May 22nd, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church unite in hearts to share God’s love to students at a neighboring university near the church. In order to know the environment surronding the church location better and develop a greater burden in their hearts, they survey the church neighborhood area with prayer before going to the university together.

They prayed together and distributed Gospel leftlets in pairs. A member shared, “It is my first time to distribute leaflets. It is a new experience to me”. Another member added, “I know what I have, so I would like to give them the precious thing in me.”

They then conclude with sharing a graceful experience with one another.

With a heart to imitate the footsteps of the early Church post-Pentecost, may the Lord give them the courage to share the Gospel to everyone that they will meet.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Experiences Unity on Pentecost Sunday





On May 15th, Bangkok Immanuel Church held a graceful Pentecost Sunday Service and outreach activities which witnessed the congregants overflowing with Truth and uniting as one family in Christ.

During the service, the preacher delivered the message which was entitled ‘Reveal the Fruits of Spirit’ that was taken from Galatians 5:16. Through the message, the congregants were led to meditate on the Trinitarian God and the work of the Holy Spirit.

A Buddhist attendant shared, “I came to know God who is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. I will continue to attend church and hope that one day I can open my heart.”

Following the service, the was an art activity with theme ‘Unity’ where participants paint the flowerpot of cactus. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and joyful in hearts.

May the Holy Spirit touch the heart of every participant to experience the work of Holy Spirit in their lives.

Church Members Inspired by Life of Renowned Leader to Spread Gospel Widely


Following the recent passing of a key leader of the evangelical movement in Thailand, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church attended his wake service that gathered leaders from various churches and para-church organizations, and were greatly inspired to inherit his passion to evangelize every people in the nation.

Reverend Yuttasak Sirikul, was a leader in Thailand Campus Crusade for Christ for 35 years, and played a very important role in promoting unity among Thai Christians from every denomination. He was also known to be a passionate person for evangelism through his role as the leader of Thailand Evangelism and Church Growth Committee (ECGC).

During the wake service, church members, along with many participating Thai Christians, were greatly inspired to live for God’s Kingdom than their own kingdoms as they watched the legacy of his life that was screened.

Reflecting on participation in the service, a member shared, “A man’s life is short. We should make every moment to live for God. For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”

The seed that falls to the ground will increase in number. It is with hope that church members, along with Thai Christians, will be inspired by the life of Rev Yuttasak to unite and commit their lives to fulfill the Great Commission in Thailand.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Held Park Fellowship

park fellowship

With a purpose of following up on new believers who came to faith in recent months and strengthen the relationship between church members, Bangkok Immanuel Church organized an outing to Roi Fai Park on May 2nd.

The fellowship began with singing praise songs and followed by a Bible study. The preacher delivered the message that encourages everyone to move forward from the stage of life in faith and encouraged them with the story of Abraham’s life.

Subsequently, they spent time to write encouragement cards to Sister Poy, who has been actively leading the acting class outreach program, as she will soon go to northern Thailand to serve as a volunteer teacher for the next 5 months.

Please pray for the new believers to stand firm in their faith and continually open their hearts to the Lord. May God protect their faith and overcome all the situations by the grace of God.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Discusses Biblical View on Life Management through Seminar

Wongpat.Blibical view1

Wongpat.Blibilcal view2

Seeking to challenge church members to give their best to God and sharing the Gospel to non-Christians, Bangkok Immanuel Church held a Bible seminar entitled ‘Biblical View of Life Management’ this past Sunday.

During the seminar that was guided by Teacher Wongpat Maneenoi from Bangkok Bible Seminary, he started by explaining the meaning of life. He shared, “What is life? Our life is God’s business. We serve God by serving others. We are God’s stewards. Between the B and D (Birth to Death) is C, which refers to four key words that connect with the Biblical view of life. There are 4 Cs. Create, Choice, Chance and Change are action words.”

He continued, “4 Ts in Life Management of Stewardship is Temple, Time, Treasure and Talent. Then, there are Spiritual Laws of Stewardship: Law of Ownership, Law of Allocation, Law of Utilization, Law of Accountability, Law of Motivation and Law of Reward.”

Reflecting on the seminar, a non-Christian participant shared, “It is an interesting topic and it gives me guidance about my life.”

May God bless the participants to be encouraged by the Word, towards shifting their center towards God.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Begins Music Outreach

JayMiao.teach guitar

Jay.teach guitar

Widening the reach to gather more people in the church, Bangkok Immanuel Church has recently expanded its outreach efforts to include music classes that will be held on Saturday evenings.

With the involvement of volunteer teachers for keyboard and guitar classes respectively, it widens the door of the church to engage more people.

Following the classes, a graceful fellowship time were then held which provided an opportunity for the members to follow up on the outreach participants and getting to know them more. It was encouraging that everyone testified of the warmness and care during their time spent in the church.

May God bless the volunteer teachers and music class students, that through this newly launched outreach program, many more newcomers will be drawn to the church.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Networks with Campus Fellowship, Guides Precious Soul to Christ


With a desire to reach more campus students effectively, the ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church have been cultivating a good relationship with the committee of a Christian fellowship that is located near the church.

Through the network established, several non-Christians who are interested in knowing more about Christianity have been introduced to attend the church. To widen the spread of Gospel to the campus students and follow up on newcomers that have been led to the church recently, the ministers will be attending the Christian fellowship’s cell group activity held every Tuesday from 4pm till 6pm.

During a recent visit, the ministers were encouraged to witness one brother receiving Jesus Christ as his personal Savior, after attending the cell group activity for the past few years.

Reflecting on the work of God in his life, he shared, “I am now a fourth year student, so I would like to open my heart to everyone today. My life has often been surrounded by Christians since I am a child till I am now studying in the university. My family are staunch Buddhists. When I was in high school, we often debated about Buddhism.”

“As time passed, when I am in the university, I came to know a Christian friend and from that time I have attended church every week. During the same time, I attended the cell group here every week. However, because of family pressure, I am afraid to change my faith, though I am the one who has been interested in Christ for a long time,” he continued.

Following his sharing, the Gospel was explained more in depth to him as he was eventually led to receive Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord. Everyone present were encouraged to witness his life-changing decision.

As the church continues to maintain a close relationship with the Christian fellowship, it is with hope that they will encounter many prepared souls like this brother, as the Gospel is being preached widely in the campus.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Commences New Outreach Programs



Bangkok Immanuel Church launched Chinese class and music class to evangelize, to follow up church newcomers and church members who are interested to study.

The Chinese class is held on Sunday by the appointment, the first class four students joined the class with joyful heart. For the Music class is held on Saturday and Sunday by the appointment.

The students had the good response to outreach classes. Two students who are interested in Christianity come to join Sunday Service before studying Chinese language.

Ministers are praying to have more prepared people to join the classes as it is the way to invite people to church. Please pray that through outreach programs, many souls will come to know Christ.