Bangkok Immanuel Church Proclaims ‘Christmas of Love’ in Outreach Event


Towards leading many thirsty souls to be exposed to a glimpse of God’s unfathomable love, Bangkok Immanuel Church held a Christmas outreach event recently under the theme ‘Christmas of Love’ that gathered more than 40 participants.

As church members unite in one heart to invite friends and relatives from the respective relationship circles in addition to encouraging responses from attendants of several ongoing outreach programs of the church, the church witnessed over 40 participants for the event which greatly strengthened the local mission as Christmas nears.

Among the highlights of the event were the time of worship through Christmas carols, drama presentation and a graceful Gospel message delivered by the preacher. During the time of message that centered on the love of God, the participants were moved by the love that was revealed through Jesus Christ who came to the earth to redeem mankind.

Subsequently, the program in the afternoon continued with a Facebook presentation that encourage the participants to “add” Jesus Christ as their friends and several icebreaking games. Throughout the program, the atmosphere in the church was overflowing with joy and love.

It is with great hope that through this Christmas outreach, many people will come to know deeper of the unfathomable and unconditional love of God towards them with Christmas Day drawing near.

Acting Class Students Rehearse for Christmas Drama

Christmas drama
As Christmas is drawing near, the members of Bangkok Immanuel
Church are striving towards holding a Christmas outreach event on December 20th with a goal of 40 people as acting class students actively practice for a drama to be shown during the event.

In preparation for the event, acting class students are coming to the church for the drama rehearsals two times a week. The drama is based on the book by Max Lucado, which entitled ‘You Are Special’. Through the rehearsals, the ministers expressed hope that the students will come to know that they are special in God’s sight and the deep love of God towards them.

Additionally, the ministers also gave out invitation cards to the students to invite their parents and friends to participate in the Christmas event.

Hopefully Christmas event will be a time where many will come to realize and receive God’s love towards them.

Church Members Unite in Preparations for Christmas

christmas of love


The Evangelistic Christmas event will be held on December 20 at Bangkok Immanuel Church. Church members are preparing actively, they hope to invite 40 people to this special gathering.

They planned the Christmas programs together and assigned each member to do according to their talents.

Christmas Flyers are designed by two members and ready to distribute to friends, family members, outreach people and church neighbors.

Please pray for the Holy Spirit to unite members and prepare the hearts of the attendees on this special gathering.

Research on Social Media for Strengthen Online Evangelism

Asean Ranking

Top Province Ranking


Thai people spend about 3.7 hours per days surfing social media. The top three social media channels in Thailand were Facebook (92.2 percent), Youtube (63.7 percent), Line (61.1 perscent).

Thailand has 26 million Facebook users; the number of Facebook users has grown significantly each year. That makes Thailand Facebook’s ninth biggest country worldwide. Thailand has 67 million people, so one-third of the population has a Facebook account.

55 percent of Thailand’s Facebook users reside in Bangkok, followed by Chiangmai, Chonburi, and Nakhonrachasima provinces.
Facebook effective hour is 2 pm. (490,000 engagement), followed by 5 pm and 10 am.

From the statistics, using social media is a great tool to reach out to more people.

New Flyer Designed for Church Outreach Programs

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New flyer, which promotes outreach programs, was created.

Bangkok Immanuel Church has planned to distribute outreach Programs flyers at the universities, high schools, workplaces and communities near the church.

Please pray for Bangkok Immanuel church, hope through outreach programs God brings many lost souls to His church.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Outreach Grows with Members’ Involvement


As the outreach programs continually develops with increasing newcomers, it opened up more opportunities for members of Bangkok Immanuel Church to be more involved in church programs by serving God in the areas where they are blessed with gifts and talents.

With hearts to serve the outreach participants with the love of Christ, some members used their abilities to serve God in the areas where they have the greatest potential while others committed to pray regularly and assist with the food preparation. The atmosphere in the church is filled with unity and hope where despite having increasing workloads, the members willingly contributed in their respective roles while following up new believers and outreach participants.

May God guide the increased involvement of members in the church, that the love and grace of Christ will overflow from the church towards the people.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Joins “God Bless You” Outreach Campaign

News ph

News ph2

Bangkok Immanuel Church will participate in the “God Bless You” Campaign organized by the Thailand Evangelistic Committee (TEC). They have planned to have 5,000 Churches in Thailand unite to deliver Leaflets 7 times on every Sunday of the first week of the month, from July to December, a total 7 times, with two deliveries in December.

With the desire to evangelize and bless others, Bangkok Immanuel Members will be delivering the God Bless You leaflets together. In addition, they discussed suitable ways to deliver the leaflets to local people and plan to hold charity event.

The Lord had said to Abram, I will bless you so that you will be a blessing.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Testimonies Overflow from Teen Outreach Programs

Acting p.3

Bangkok Immanuel Church continues to hold Chinese Class and Acting Class with numerous High School students. These classes are showing a successful way to serve the needs of students in the twelfth grade.

Teenagers who have attended the class have expressed their testimonies with grateful hearts.

Sister Eye shared, “I felt this is my third home.”

Sister Mew said, “My first impression is that this is a beautiful place. At first I was afraid, but after studying acting, I am enjoying the class with friends and enjoying exchanging ideas together. I will apply it into my daily life.”

Brother Dob and other sisters reflected, “We felt the atmosphere was warm, as if we were studying at home. It is a joyful class. We can improve ourselves.”

The Bangkok ministers believe God will lead these teenagers step by step as they continue to join the outreach programs.

Let’s continue to pray and prepare for the movement that God is doing.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Commences Outreach Programs for Teens

chinese class.LC

Bangkok, Thailand – With the desire to reach out to different kinds of people to church, recently the church has set its first aim to reach teenagers, in addition to university students and professionals. By the grace of God, the students studying in Grade 12 have expressed interest in Chinese and Acting class.

In the Chinese class, they studied 1 Corinthians 13:4-9 as they have some basic Chinese foundation. Missionary Liuchang who is the Chinese teacher reflected, “The students are lively and lovely. I hope some of them are interested in the Bible.”

In addition, the Acting class taught by Sister Poy has already started and they plan to hold study twice a week. It is the first stage of outreach to teens.

Ministers will plan for follow up with them and also some of their parents. Please pray for them to develop the teen ministry and breakthrough in mass evangelism.

15 High School Students Participated in “ Love Neighbors Project”


Bangkok, Thailand – On August 26, Sister Eye brought her 14 high school friends to Bangkok Immanuel Church. Through the relationship of Sister Eye, they built trust the ministers and the church.

Based on information taken in a survey of the attendees, they are interested in studying Chinese and English conversational skills. They also expressed interest in other activities, such as acting class, cooking desserts, and music.

As part of the activity, the students decorated the nametags together. The atmosphere was both lively and joyful.

Through the project, church members will unite in prayer and serve with their hearts.