Bangkok Immanuel Church Members Unites in Prayer.

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Bangkok, Thailand – Bangkok Immanuel Church members received the grace from the message on the Sunday Service and they unites in hearts to pray for church mission.

When they prayed, one member reflected “Why God let us involves in building the kingdom of God together? Now, I am clearly known that through this we will know the world of love, so God entrusts us with this precious commission.”

Believe through prayer, Holy Spirit has moved member’s hearts to unite with center and one another.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Creates the New Survey Form for Mass Evangelism

Survey News

Bangkok, Thailand – With the desire to serve the needs of people, Thailand church creates the new survey form for organizing the outreach programs to draw people to church.

They approach them by activities: English Class, Mandarin Class, Acting Class, Cooking Class, Doing Charity Works, Watch Movie, others. The Slogan is “Open House for new members to join the activities together.” For the ones who are interested, they can write the name, phone and email in the blank.

They hope the survey form will help to plan the outreach programs and also the channel to talk with non-Christians.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Engages Masses with Leaflets on National Mother’s Day.

mother day
Bangkok, Thailand – On August 12 is a celebration of Mother’s Day in Thailand. It is the good opportunity to hand out the leaflets about love of mother on this special occasion.

They give out the leaflets to neighborhood nearby the church. Minister shared “Thank God that we can get to know more neighbors as today they are all stay together at home.”

In the meantime, they follow up the people who they used to contact. One neighbor is glad that they come to visit her again. She introduced more neighbors to them and will help to promote the outreach programs. Hope through the relationship network, they can meet the prepared ones.

May the Lord open up the way for them to breakthrough in mission field.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Commences Prayer Project for Non-Christian Family & Friends.



With earnest hearts to evangelize their family members and friends who have yet to know Jesus Christ, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church have recently commenced on a project entitled ‘Let Us Pray for Our Lost Star (fish)’ where they will unite in one heart to pray for the salvation of their beloved ones.

To kickstart the project, the members gathered to watch an animation recently, which depicted a boy saving starfishes which are dying on the beach back to the sea one at a time.

Reflecting on the short animation, a member shared, “ I am impressed by the action of the little boy who never ceases to put the starfish back to the sea. With such a heart, I hope that I can help this ‘starfish’ to live among countless ‘starfish’ that nearly died.”

She continued, “It encourages me to have a passion to do small things with great love. I will pray for our beloved ones to know Jesus Christ.”

After seeing the animation, they responded by writing down the names of their beloved ones on pieces of paper that were cut into the shapes of ‘ stars’. Subsequently, they prayed for their beloved ones together and shared about their situations.

As the members continue to pray for their beloved regularly, it is with hope that their beloved ones will be led to know Jesus Christ through their invitation to subsequent activities that will be organized by the church in the coming days.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Evangelize the Brokenhearted


Bangkok,Thailand – With the desire to outreach the non-Christians nearby the church, the ministers of Bangkok Immanuel Church start to have a prayer walk.

By the grace of God, they met one who takes care the dormitory for 18 years. As minister asked how is her life and she poured out her stories t them. She shared, “I lost two daughters and for the this reason I have the depression.” She continued, “ I have two more daughters but one is sick. My life passed many sufferings.”

Ministers asked for permission to pray for her family and her health. While they are praying for her, she cried out and has a thankful for their cares. It is the first step to build the relationship with her.

“ The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me, because the LORD has anointed me to preach the good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted.”

Church Members Visits & Prays for the Sick, Paralyzed Lady Accepts Christ


Bangkok, Thailand – Towards spreading the love of God widely to those in need, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church visited the home of an elderly lady who has been paralyzed due to an accident many years ago.

During the visit, church members sang praise songs and prayed for the comfort of God upon her life. Moved by the love of Christ and the sincerity of members who have been visiting her regularly, the elderly lady opened her heart to receive Jesus Christ as her personal Lord and Savior.

Seeing the sincere smile on her face in receiving the love of Christ, may the church continue to persist in their efforts to share the love of Christ at every opportunity, that many will be led to Christ as they are comforted by God’s grace and love.

‘Comfort, comfort My people, says your God.’

Bangkok Immanuel Church Challenged to Actively Pursue Life Changes Everyday

Bald Eagle in mid-air flight over Homer Spit Kenai Peninsula Alaska Winter

Bangkok, Thailand – Seeking to hasten mission breakthrough, the members of Bangkok Immanuel Church gathered for a graceful fellowship meeting recently where they were challenged to pursue changes in their lives actively everyday.

Citing the example of the lie of eagles, Sister Aew shared, “Eagles usually have long lives, up to an average of 70 years old. If they want to live a long life, they must make an important decision when they reach the age of 40. At this stage, their beaks, claws and wings are covered with thick feathers that made them difficult to catch preys and fly.”

She continued, “They now face with two choices in their lives: either starving to death or going through a process of change that is to remove the beak by striking its mouth towards the stones, followed by a process of removing claws and features. These processes usually last for 150 days before they could enjoy a new beak, claws and features. However, by making this challenging decision, they can live 30 years longer, which is a life that is magnificent and grand.”

Hearing this example, the members were then challenged if they are prompt in seeking changes in their lives. Everyone responded and took turns to share their experiences together, thus creating an atmosphere that was full of grace. After a time of sharing, they was also a time of prayer where everyone uphold one another to be empowered by God to change everyday.

May God continue to guide the church members to constantly make bold decisions to change and strive to become more Christ-like each day.

Bangkok Immanuel Church Celebrates Pentecost, Shares God’s Love with Friends & Family


Bangkok, Thailand – Seeking to spread the love of Christ to their family and friends, Bangkok Immanuel Church held graceful Pentecost Service and evangelistic event on May 24th.

With the theme ‘ Faith, Family & Friends’, the members used to opportunity to invite their non-Christian friends and family to learn about God and listen to the Word together. During the time of sermon, Minister Yunmeng delivered a message from Luke 15, encouraging the participants to receive the unconditional love of God into their hearts.

After the service, participants also have a graceful time of fellowship activities while listening to the life testimony of Sister Hong and Sister Kwang, which overflowed the gathering with the joy and truth from above.

May all the participants be encouraged by messages of God’s love, that the Holy Spirit will work amongst their lives while igniting the fire of revival of Thailand mission.

Minister Attends Joint Healing Prayer Meeting, Seeks Revival.


Bangkok, Thailand – Strengthening the relationships with other prayer networks, Church minister participated in a healing prayer meeting recently which gathered intercessors from several neighboring countries.

Reflecting on the meeting, a minister shared, “ I thank God for the opportunity to join the healing prayer meeting. I came to know that everyone have sorrows in their hearts without knowing them. When we seek His presence together, God reveals them and removes all our scars, pains and sufferings from our past experiences and memories. Through the words of prayer, God encourages me to have a deeper relationship with Him and persevere in reaching many.”

Upon attending the healing prayer meeting, may the members encounter revival and gain hope to breakthrough more in personal faith and ministry heading towards Pentecost.

Minister Researches Local Church History.

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Bangkok, Thailand- The local church minister was recently research on the history of Christian mission in Thailand towards understanding the work of God in advancing local missions.

Reflecting on the research process, the minister shared, “Through researching, I came to know God’s love for His people and the nation. I learnt about the birth and history of Christianity in Thailand over the past 187 years. God never forsakes His people and throughout the history, He always sends missionaries to share His love. I can see the sacrifice of God and many missionaries. We are in debt to God and many people. I look forward to ensure that His revival will happen in the nation one day sooner.”

Through the process of researching, the heart of God towards His people in Thailand was deeply implanted in the minister’s heart. May it be the strength and encouragement for the local mission to breakthrough.